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Cheshire, CT
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The 13th Annual Bantam Jamboree

2016  Participants:

Amity / Cheshire / Hamden / Gulford / Madison / North Haven /Pomperaug / Southington / Wallingford / North Branford

                                                                                  Once again..Thanks to our 2016  Participants!!
I wanted to take some time to thank you for inviting us to participate in the Cheshire Jamboree (people don't always get positive messages).  Our kids always enjoy this opportunity and hope Pomperaug gets invited again. The organizers of the event did a tremendous job, even as the rain began to fall.  As far as any of us could tell, it went very smooth and our kids had a great time!
Take care and best wishes to your programs!  Please let others know of the outstanding job they did.
Scott Rohwedder
Pomperaug Lacrosse


The 12th Annual Bantam Jamboree

*** New this year - our Super Bantam division (U-7s)  ***

Thanks to our 2015  Participants:

Amity / Cheshire / Farmington / Hamden / Madison / North Haven /Pomperaug /Shelton / Southington / Wallingford / Wolcott



The 11th Annual Bantam Jamboree

THANKS to all 2014  Participants:

Amity / Branford / Cheshire / Hamden / Madison/ North Haven / Shelton / Southington / Wallingford

I just wanted to say thank you for hosting another great jamboree! Our kids and families had a great time. Your staff  and officials did an awesome job!  Thanks again and continued success with the Cheshire program. You are a class group!  - Best regards, Bob Drobish, Wallingford Bantam

The 10th Annual Bantam Jamboree

THANKS to all 2013  Participants:

Amity / Cheshire / Clinton / Hamden / North Haven / Shelton /Southington / Wallingford / Watertown


The 9th Annual Bantam Jamboree

THANKS to all 2012  Participants:

Amity / Cheshire / Clinton / Hamden / Madison / North Haven / Wallingford / Watertown / Wolcott


The 8th Annual Bantam Jamboree.

THANKS to all 2011  Participants:

Amity / Cheshire / Hamden / Madison / North Haven / Shelton / Southington / Pelham / New Rochelle

The 7th Annual Jamboree.

THANKS to all 2010  Participants:

Branford / Cheshire / Hamden / Madison / North Haven / Shelton / Southington / Wallingford / Watertown

The 6th Annual Jamboree

THANKS to all 2009  Participants:

Amity / Hamden / North Haven /Pomperaug / Shelton / Southington /Wallingford / Watertown


The 5th Annual Jamboree. 

Once again, thanks to our Cheshire Bantam players, our guest teams, and all the fantastic volunteers and vendors that contributed to a great day!!

The 2008 Participants  

Hamden / Madison / North Haven / Litchfield Hills / Southington / Watertown


The 4th Annual Jamboree - a few clouds didn't dampen the day at all!

The 2007 Participants  

Guilford / Hamden / Madison / Litchfield Hills / Shelton / Simsbury / Southington / Watertown


 Another successful Jamboree in the books!!  Thanks to our Cheshire Bantam players, our guest teams, and all the fantastic volunteers that contributed to a great day!!

The 2006 Participants

Guilford / Hamden / Madison / Litchfield Hills / Pomperaug / Shelton / Simsbury / Watertown

Below is a testimonial that aptly relates what the Game and these events are all about.  These are the incidents that keep us grounded by reminding us what are the truly important lessons we are trying to convey.

I would like to tell of a positive experience that Conner and Jameson had right off the bat on Saturday. We were not able to get to the field until about 11am on Saturday and when we arrived were asked if they could help the Shelton team out because they were short some players. I think 2 other Bantam boys beside Conner and Jameson were also helping out. The coach and parents of the Shelton team were very friendly and after some confusion for my boys, they ended up having a great time! They learned some of the Shelton boys names very quickly and were rooting for "their team" and trying their hardest. As all 4 of the bantam boys were giving back their jerseys I heard them say, "Boy, I hope we dont have to play them, I really like these guys!" I just thought that was a great thing, how they can be in the moment enjoying the game no matter who they play for. We had a great day and I felt everything went really well. Thank you to everyone who puts so much time into planning the Jamboree! We love lacrosse!!

Denise Morrison 

2005 Bantam Jamboree

Any Jamboree that would be great, would have parents and players of the caliber of Cheshire's Bantams.

We could measure the success of the Jamboree financially - but we won't.

We could measure success by the outstanding level of volunteerism for this event - but we won't.

We could measure success by the compliments and "thank you's" received from our visiting competitors - but we won't.

The only measure of success is the memory of watching the grit, stamina, determination and talent exhibited by our boys who ground it out for 5 hours on one of the hottest days to date. Not only did they play their originally planned 8 games but filled in on 2 other slots left vacant by a team who left at noon (due to a communication snag within their organization). Our teams did amazingly well. We witnessed some great playmaking, great goaltending and virtually no complaining.

While it would have been tempting to slot our best 20 against any one of the visiting teams to achieve victory on the scoreboard the coaches (and we're sure the parents) agree that victory was achieved in other, more subtle ways: character, sportsmanship, team play - to name a few.  Just read this coach's story from Sunday - it says it all!!

At the start of the 2nd half of a game we were losing, I lined up the middies and could sense they were chomping at the bit to even the score. The line was made of 2 travel team veterans, and a new, relatively timid 3rd grader. When I asked who was taking the face-off, the two seasoned bantams bantered back and forth about who was better, who would get possession quicker, who got the face-off the last time, etc. After a few seconds of this verbal one upsmanship , the new kid sheepishly said, "I've never done a face-off before, ever". The other two quickly went silent, looked at each other for a split second, and almost simultaneously said "You take it then".

 Of course, we lost the face-off, but that act of kindness, comraderie and team spirit by those two boys made the score of the game irrelevant right then to all three boys, and to me. I could not have been more proud of our squad. I know that there are many kids on our team who, if given that chance, would do the same. I think we are doing something good for these boys.  [Coach Yasuda]

Bantams [really do] RULE!!